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MultiCAD Electrical Conductivity of Cement

For the monitoring of electrical conductivity of cement suspensions or pure cement pastes.

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The MultiCAD includes a set of adapted cells corresponding to the study of liquid suspensions, pastes and mortars.

The electrical conductivity is monitored using an external multiplexer and only one conductivity meter. A menu driven software is used to set independently, the parameters of each cell, plot the electrical conductivity curves, and archive data in ASCII format, compatible with usual spreadsheets.

The cylindrical shaped CEMOT cell is equipped with two annular stainless steel electrodes, flush with the inner cell-wall, and perfectly designed to avoid contamination of solids in suspensions.

The conical design of the PAP cells for paste or mortar is particularly convenient for removing the sample after setting.

Applications: Kinetics of cement hydration

Study of hardening process of oil well cement slurries

Monitoring of structural changes occurring within the paste during hydration

Effects of mineral additives on the electrical conductivity of hardening cement paste.

Conductivity meter: High accuracy Electrical Conductivity meter Measuring range 0.01 µS/cm to 5.99 S/cm, accuracy better than 0.2% Mutiplexer for the connection of up to 4 cells

CEMOT 40 cell for liquid & suspensions: Capacity 100 mL, Ø40 x 80 mm Two annular Stainless Steel Electrodes Motorized stirrer Cylindrical shape with double jacket for water circulation

PAT cell for pure paste: Two annular Stainless Steel Electrodes Conical shape with double jacket for water circulation

PAP5000 cell for mortar: Two annular Stainless Steel Electrodes Conical shape with double jacket for water circulation

  • Kinetics of cement paste & hydration parameters
  • Reactivity of admixtures or fillers
  • Study of pure pastes during chemical reaction