Rheometer for Cement and Concrete

The RheoCAD Shear Rheometers are designed to study the rheology of building materials such as cement and mortar, self-compacting concrete, fresh concrete and any type of viscous material.


The RheoCAD Rheometers are specially designed for the study and characterization of rheological properties of building materials such as Cement, Mortar and fresh Concrete. They are the ideal tools for the characterization for admixtures and fillers, and for the formulation of Mortar and Concrete.

They can also be used for the study of viscous material such as mud, gels, resins, polymers, slurries etc. They can be used with both Newtonian fluids or Tixotropic materials.

An user-friendly menu-driven software allows steps programing with linear or logarithmic scales.

They can easily be calibrated against Silicon Oil.

Several bowl capacities are available as well as different impeller (mobile) geometry: vane, double helical, cylinder, anchor or custom-made geometry.

Specifications RheoCAD 420 RheoCAD 450 RheoCAD 500
Impeller Speed 0 – 250 ± 0.01 rpm 0 – 250 ± 0.01 rpm 0 – 250 ± 0.01 rpm
Torque Meter 0 – 10 ± 0.0001 N.m 0 – 10 ± 0.001 N.m 0 – 10 ± 0.0001 N.m
Scrapper Blade 0 – 30 rpm N/A N/A
Sample Volume 1 – 5 L 24 L 11 – 37 L
Max. aggregate size 12 mm (1/2’’) 20 mm (3/4’’) 30 mm (1.2’’)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 50x60x90 cm (20x24x36’’) 60x70x120cm (24x28x48″) 60x70x120 cm (24x28x48’’)
Weight 95 kg (210 lb.) 95 kg (210 lb.) 95 kg (210 lb.)

The Rotational Speed of the impeller (programmable) is precisely controlled with a servomotor whereas the Torque value (shear stress) is measured on the propeller shaft. The speed rate can be set from 0.01 to 250 rpm and Torque range is 0.0001 to 10 N.m (5-decade range).

The software plots the Shear Rate (s-1) vs. Shear Stress (Pa) curve (Torque vs. Speed).

  • Accurate and reproducible measurements
  • 5-decade range on rotation speed & torque
  • Multiple designs of bowls impellers