Laboratory Vibrating Cup Mill Pulverisette 9

The Ring & Puck Mill Pulverisette 9 is designed for extremely fast pulverizing (speed up to 1500 rpm) of hard, brittle and fibrous laboratory samples, dry or in suspension, down to analytical fineness.

The Vibrating Cup Mill Pulverisette 9 is indispensable for all areas in which hard, brittle and fibrous materials must be ground extremely quick down to analytical fineness. It is equipped with a frequency transformer control. Your advantage: Perfect, loss-free grinding results in half the time!

No similar mill offers a more convenient operation: The working position is ergonomically optimised, the ease of cleaning is without match, the grinding set is placed on a practical carriage, allowing it to be easily moved to the final position and rapidly fastened in seconds with a quick clamping system.

The grinding sets of this disc mill, significantly reduced in weight, are placed on a carriage and slide into the defined final position. The operating position is adapted to body height – which is back-friendly and saves energy and time.

A special detector automatically detects when you use an agate or zirconium oxide grinding set, for metal-free grinding, and reduces the rotational speed independently.

A symmetrical eccentric ensures fast and safe clamping of the grinding set, which is also automatically monitored. The defined final position and an integrated anti-twist protection provide additional safety.

Application: mining, metallurgy, ceramics industry, agriculture and environment, infrared and x-ray fluorescence analysis.

Maximum feed size: 12 mm (1/2’’)
Final fineness: 10 – 20 µm (635 mesh)
Maximum capacity: 250 mL (500 g)
Grinding materials: tempered steel, chromium-free steel, tungsten carbide, agate, zirconium oxide
Dimensions (WxDxH): floor instrument 77x76x116 cm (30x30x46’’)
Weight: 267 kg (590 lb.)
  • Certified safety (CE mark) – optional CSA approval for Canada
  • 2-year warranty

In the Vibrating Cup Mill, the grinding is performed by horizontal, circular oscillations, of the grinding set on a vibrating plate. The grinding set, ring and puck, pulverises the sample with extremely high pressure, impact forces and friction. In this form of grinding, the transmission of forces to the sample is much more important than the pure motor power.

  • Extra-fast fine grinding with up to 1500 rpm
  • Precise adjustment of rotational speed, grinding time and pause periods
  • Heavy-duty construction, very high power