Sample Dividers, Sample Splitters


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Analytical instruments have now achieved a level of accuracy inconceivable years ago.
Many analytical methods require small sample quantities, and the precision of the analysis is greatly affected by the accuracy of the preparation of a representative sample of the material to be tested.

Representative sample division is therefore a basic precondition for precision in particle size analysis, particle sizing, chemical analysis, milling, spectroscopic analysis, trace element analysis and similar applications.

To avoid errors being introduced at the beginning of the analysis process, Laval Lab offers several models of Samples Dividers.

Rotary Sample Splitters are the most accurate equipment for extracting representative samples from dry, granular or powdered material. This type of unit minimizes the negative influences of diverse and extreme differences in grain size, specific gravity, average quality and particle shape.


Bench-top Rotary Laboratory Sample Divider

The Rotary Cone Sample Divider Laborette 27 is a bench-top instrument that can achieve an unequalled division accuracy of 99.9%.

This is the ideal instrument to prepare very small to medium sized analytical samples for spectroscopy, chemical analysis and particle size analysis.

Spinning Rifflers

These Rotary sample Dividers are perfect for precision dividing and sample preparation for large bulk samples, with an accuracy of 99.5%.

Riffle Sample Splitters

Riffle Sample Splitters are universally used for rapid and economical sample division.

They are well recognized in the industry and, when used properly, they provide good accuracy.