We offer Project Management for the Biotechnology Industry

Project management in biotechnologies offered by Laval Lab is unique in the industry. Laval Lab is known for its thoroughness, know-how, and indeed proposes two different approaches to simplify the process for the research centers and specialized biotechnology laboratories:

  • Turnkey projects
  • Supervision of the project (for the client)

In each case, Laval Lab ensures a maximum return on the investment. It also allows the client to focus on their core business. Laval Lab provides through the entire process all necessary assistance, from defining the needs to the final installation, and lastly training so the client can then assume full control of the equipment.

Laval Lab holds all the necessary contractor licences delivered by la Régie du Bâtiment du Québec

(RBQ), and can assist the client in the selection of all suppliers, and works with subcontractor’s chosen by the client.

Project management service by Laval Lab, provides continuous contact with the client through every step, primarily with the presence of specifically assigned resources for the management and supervision of the project. This project management service is available in Canada and the United States under certain conditions. The client can choose either approach without any obligation to purchase the equipment distributed by Laval Lab.

Turnkey projects

The turnkey approach integrates all aspects of the project, including skills and techniques to execute the project effectively and efficiently. Laval Lab provides the following:

1. Purchase of the equipment : Bioreactor or Fermenter
2. Purchase of related equipment: steam generator, compressor, etc.
3. Testing the equipment at the manufacturer’s site (Factory Acceptance Test)
4. Unpacking and installation on site where indicated
5. Complete installation of all connections related to plumbing, air and electricity
6. Testing the equipment at the customer`s site (Site Acceptance Test)
7. Training the ressources on site
8. All related documentation of the project (data sheet, tests and warranty) provided to the client
9. Acceptance of the project and transfer of responsibility to the client

Supervision of the project

This approach allows the client to delegate all the tasks of coordinating the implementation process while appreciating our advisory role. Laval Lab provides the following:

1. Customer assistance :

  • initial planning phase
  • budget phase
  • proposal phase
  • issuing the purchase order
  • testing the equipment at the manufacturer’s site ( Factory Acceptance Test)
  • implementation of the equipment

2. Control and monitoring of the site according to the specifications approved by the client
3. Client support for testing the equipment on site (Site Acceptance Test)
4. Administrative support especially for the approval of payments
5. Monitoring all aspects of the project including deadlines and budget
6. Verify all project documentation (data sheet, tests, warranty) and validate compliance with the final proposal
7. Acceptance of the project and transfer of responsibility to the client

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