Bench-Top Mini Bioreactors Fermenters

These mini Bioreactors Fermenters are ideal for performing small-scale trial runs, experiment configurations, as well as analyzing and optimizing cultivation parameters.

IO is a single & parallel mini fermenter/bioreactor system suitable for both beginner and experienced users. With total volumes of 200ml or 1000ml, it is the ideal device for innovative parallel process development. The Process Control System can manage up to 24 units with parallel control.

Ideal solution for applications such as:

  • Cell and strain screening
  • Protein expression and kinetics
  • Enzyme activity tests
  • Fermentation parameter optimization
  • Synthetic biology


User-friendly Software Leonardo 2.0 Software is the user’s best friend in experimental design planning and performing trial runs, as well as analyzing and optimizing media and parameters for cultivation. The graphical user interface enables you to select the software functions intuitively. Data extracted are compatible with Windows Excel. However, the platform can easily and quickly manage fermentation data. This software is included with the fermenter and can be installed on an unlimited number of client’s PCs or laptops.

Do it parallel: smarter, faster

Leonardo software can be used for process development (i.e. time-saving, parallel fermentation approaches). Up to 24 independent fermentations/cultivations can be carried out simultaneously


Do it wireless!

Increased mobility: users can roam around the lab, return to the office and home, without losing their connection with the running batch.


Gas Mixing Various controller and hardware configurations enable aeration strategies using air, oxygen, nitrogen, or a mixture of these, to enrich the air. The mass-flow controller allows the exact flow rate control of individual gases. The flexible aeration options integrated in the bioreactor permit a wide range of different applications giving this system substantial versatility.

Thermal Mass Flow Controller in entry model

Gas mixing through TMFC & solenoid valves or several TMFCs

Automatic gas mixing algorithms for simplified controls (4-gas, 3-gas, O2 enrichment, N2 enrichment)

Toro, fluted and sintered spargers.


Modular design Plug and Play modular additional parameters for future PCS upgrades, including dCO2, Cell Density, Turbidity, weight, peristaltic pumps, etc.

Leda sampling system Sterile, single-use sampling system, up to 180 sterile samplings per batch. Needle-free connector is designed to reduce the risk of contamination during sampling.

The sterile combination of a syringe (3-5-10-30ml) and a non-return valve guarantees the sterility during each sampling.

IO Autoclave Bench-Top Mini Fermenter

Total Volume mL 200 1000
Ratio H/D 1:1.5 1:2.5
Working volume mL 120-150 320-750
H mm 280 380
D mm 170 150
Station HxWxD mm 350x350x350 350x350x350


  • Simultaneous operation of up to 24 vessels
  • Scada Software “Leonardo”, free with the system
  • Wireless connection