Industrial, large capacity, Ultrasonic cleaners Elmasonic X-tra ST

The Elmasonic X-tra ST Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners are available in 8 different tank sizes, from 30 to 255 liters (8 to 67 gallons) and has been designed for heavy-duty applications in production, workshop and service.

The stainless-steel casing and the durable transducer tank are built for permanent operation. The special, resistant, stainless steel tank carries a manufacturer guarantee for a period of 3 years, conditional on proper use and care, and one-shift operation.

A large number of features make operating the units easy and efficient.

All units are mounted on rollers and can easily be shifted to various workplaces in the production room or workshop. The ergonomically arranged operating panel on top of the unit allows for quick and easy setting of all relevant parameters, such as cleaning time or heating temperature, frequency and pulse. In particular the pulse mode, which provides a short-term power increase for tenacious and difficult contaminations, expands the range of use of these units and makes them universally applicable. The sweep mode, for even sound field distribution, operates permanently.

When this series was designed, great value was set on ease of servicing.

The units can be opened at the front, with operating panel and generator forming one piece so it can easily be removed for exchange. The intelligent generators adjust themselves with the installed transducer elements. Downtime is kept to a minimum which is a big advantage for industrial operation.

Model Volume Litre Volume Gallon Tank dimensions WxDxH mm Basket dimensions WxDxH mm Heating power Watts
X-tra 300H 30 8 330x300x300 255x230x170 1400
X-tra 500H 50 13 300x300x500 2555x230x370 1400
X-tra 600H 58 15 500x330x350 400x255x220 1400
X-tra 800H 83 22 500x330x500 400x255x370 4200
X-tra 1400H 126 33 600x600x350 490x525x210 5000
X-tra 1600H 162 43 600x600x450 480x525x300 7500
X-tra 1900S 187 49 410x650x720 360x560x240 2300
X-tra 2500H 255 67 750x650x520 630x575x370 7500


  • Ultrasound frequency 25 kHz or 45 kHz
  • Drain ball valve
  • Power supply 240V-60Hz or 3 x 200-208V-60Hz depending on model (other voltages available)
  • CE label

The transducer system changes electric energy into mechanic vibrations which are then transmitted through the stainless steel tank into the cleaning bath. Tiny micrometric vacuum bubbles are created which implode very fast: this process is called cavitation. It produces highly energetic jets which efficiently remove all dirt particles from any item immersed in the cleaning bath.

  • Tank made of extremely durable, cavitation-proof stainless steel
  • Dual-frequency: 25 kHz and 45 kHz
  • Pulse mode for intensive cleaning