Rotary Cone Sample Divider Laborette 27

The Rotary Sample Divider Laborette 27 splits fine-powdered or coarse materials into representative sub-samples, with a division accuracy of 99.9%, and assures reproducibility of analysis.

A perfect sample preparation is the indispensable foundation for any analysis, because any error in sample division will be reflected in the analysis results. Only a subsample representative of the initial sample can assure the reproducibility of the analysis.

The Fritsch Rotary Cone Sample Divider Laborette 27 offers the ideal conditions: it is the only sample divider on the market dividing your samples with up to 3,000 dividing steps per minutes. Each individual subsample is exactly identical, in terms of chemical and physical properties, with 99.9 % accuracy. The Vibratory Feeder Laborette 24 allows automatic, unattended, operation. Dividing heads with three different division ratios (1:8, 1:10 and 1:30) are available and can easily be exchanged without any tools.


Division ratio 1:8 1:10 1:30
No. of sub-samples 8 10 3
Max. feed particle size 10 mm (3/8’’) 10 mm (3/8’’) 2.5 mm (8 mesh)
Capacity 4,000 ml (250 inch3) 2,500 ml (150 inch3) 300 ml (15 inch3)
Sample glass containers 8 x 500 ml or 8 x 250 ml 10 x 250 ml or 10 x 25 ml 3 x 15, 20 or 30 ml
Accessory Vibratory feeder Vibratory feeder Vibratory feeder
  • Certified safety (CE mark) – optional CSA approval for Canada
  • 2-year warranty

The initial sample is poured into the hopper of the Vibratory Feeder. The sample feeding is centered over the rotating cone of the division head. The rapid rotation of the entire system accelerates the sample material outwards along its surface and divides it through to 8, 10 or 30 guiding channels (depending on division ratio) into subsamples that are chemically and physically, precisely identical. The subsamples are collected into glass vessels.

  • Three different division ratios in one instrument
  • Up to 3,000 division steps per minute
  • Division accuracy of 99.9%