Laboratory BalancesOur selection of Laboratory Balances and Scales

Laval Lab offers a comprehensive line of A&D Laboratory Balances, Moisture Analyzers, Precision Industrial Scales and Economical Compact Scales.

A&D Engineering is committed to the highest quality standards for its operations and its products.
A&D Engineering is an ISO 9001- certified company.

Analytical Balances: capacities from 60g to 300g, resolutions 0.1mg or 0.01mg.

Microbalances: Microbalances 1 g resolution, Semi-Microbalances 0.01mg resolution
and high capacity Analytical Balances (up to 520g).

Precision Top Loader Balances: resolutions 1mg to 0.1g, capacities up to 8kg.

Top Loading Economical Scales: compact, affordable Balances

Precision Industrial Balances: high capacity of up to 100kg with large weighing pan

Moisture Analyzers: fast determination of moisture content from 0.001% to 0.1% resolution

All models of above Laboratory Balances come with a 5-year warranty.

Calibration Weights: to calibrate all types of Laboratory Balances and Scales