Spinning Rifflers for dividing large bulk samples

Spinning Rifflers, also called Rotary Sample Dividers, are the most accurate method of preparing representative samples from dry granular or powdered bulk materials.

Spinning Rifflers scale up precision dividing and sample preparation for large bulk samples, dry granular or powdered material. Aggregates, coal, and ores with particle top size of up to 50 mm (2’’) are quickly and accurately split to fractions with less handling and risk of sample loss. The units work equally well for finer granular materials or powders with large initial volumes. Samples that do not flow well through fixed-chute gravity splitters process more efficiently through the powerful vibratory feeder, enhancing accuracy and efficiency, and improving test results.


Division ratio 1:4 or 1:8 1:12 1:24
No. of sub-samples 4 or 8 12 24
Max. feed particle size 50 mm (2’’) 25 mm (1/2’’) 25 mm (1/2’’)
Capacity 51 litres (1.8 ft3) 34 litres (1.2 ft3) 68 litres (2.4 ft3)
SS Sample containers 8 x 9L (0.32ft3) or 4 x 18L (0.64ft3) 12 x 2.4L (146 in3) 24 x 2.8L (170 in3)
Dimensions WxDxH 89x127x147 cm (35x50x58’’) 71x104x130 cm (28x41x51’’) 132x190x142 cm (52x75x56’’)
Weight 261 kg (575 lb.) 115 kg (250 lb.) 140 kg (310 lb.)

A Spinning Riffler consists of a turn-table having removable sample containers passing through a cascading flow from a vibratory feeder and a hopper. The vibratory feeder, with variable amplitude, assures a constant, controlled flow of material.

  • Can split sample of up to 68 litres (2.4 feet3)
  • Max. feed particle size up to 50 mm (2’’)
  • Division accuracy 99.5%