Morse ® Heavy-duty Jaw Crushers

Heavy-duty Morse Jaw Crushers are recommended for applications requiring high throughput and/or oversize feed.

These high power Morse Jaw Crushers have heavy cast frames and flywheels. Guards for belts and flywheels are included as standard. Eccentric overhead action and corrugated jaw plates work together to force-feed material and avoid back-flow or “pop out” of particles as often occurs with units having smooth jaw plates. Particle size down to less than 1/4in (6.4mm) is set via hand wheel adjustment of a single toggle. Jaw plates are reversible for extended life. Crushing rates vary with hardness and size of feed.

Application: mining and metallurgy, commercial and industrial laboratory as well as pilot plant and small scale production.

Model 1000 2.25×3.5’’ (6×9 cm) 2000 4×6’’ (10×15 cm) 3000 5×6’’ (13×15 cm) 4000 8×8’’ (20×20 cm)
Maximum feed size 38 mm (1.5’’) 76 mm (3’’) 101 mm (4’’) 165 mm (6.5’’)
Final fineness 6.3 mm (1/4’’) 6.3 mm (1/4’’) 6.3 mm (1/4’’) 6.3 mm (1/4’’)
Maximum capacity 150 kg/h (340 lb./h) 270 kg/h (600 lb./h) 590kg/h (1300 lb./h) 1450 kg/h (3200 lb./h)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 46x91x58 cm (18x36x23’’) 61x107x61 cm (24x42x24’’) 76x137x97 cm (30x54x38’’) 99x185x97 cm (39x73x38’’)
Weight 150kg (340 lb.) 270kg (600 lb.) 590kg (1300 lb.) 1450kg (3200 lb.)

Jaws made of tempered abrasion-resistant steel alloy

The powerful size reduction of the sample takes place in the Jaw Crusher under high pressure between one fixed and one movable corrugated jaw. The final fineness is easily set by adjusting the gap width between the crushing jaws. The ground sample automatically falls into a drawer for batch operation, or via a chute into a larger collection container for continuous operation.

  • Powerful units with heavy-duty cast frame and fly wheels
  • Meet and exceed requirements for a pilot plant
  • Delivers two crushing blows per revolution to speed crushing