Aggregate Screen Shaker Units

The Porta-Screen, Testing Screen and Test Master Sieve Shakers are ideal for particle size determination on large samples of aggregates, sand, gravel, slag, ores, wood chips and other coarse materials.

Porta-Screen The Porta-Screen has long been the accepted standard portable screen for quality control of construction aggregates at asphalt and ready-mix plants. Porta-Screen models are designed for performance durability, yet are light enough to be portable.

Testing Screen Vibration and amplitude characteristics are fixed at optimum for mineral aggregates in the 4in (100mm) to No.4 (4.75mm) size range. Options and accessories are available to optimize machine performance when testing finer samples or special materials.

Test-Master The Test-Master Testing Screen is fully enclosed to minimize dust, and now features an easily controlled, integrated hopper for easier introduction of sample material and vertically-hinged front panel doors for improved access and clearance. The 1.6ft³ (45.3L) hopper is hinged at the rear and allows the sample to be introduced incrementally as the machine is running. When the hopper is closed, a panel blocks dust from escaping through the opening. The narrower panel doors require less space to open and fold flat across the front of the unit. The doors also feature a safety interlock switch that disables the Test-Master when open.

Model Measuring range Screen Trays Maximum Sample Size
Porta-Screen 38µm (400 mesh) to 50mm (2’’) 5 or 7 trays 14’’’x14’’ 356x356mm Up to 60 lb. (30kg)
Testing Screen 38µm (400 mesh) to 125mm (5’’) 5 trays 14.75’’x22.75’’ 375x578mm Up to 100 lb. (50kg)
Test master 38µm (400 mesh) to 125mm (5’’) 6 or 7 trays 14.75’’x22.75’’ 375x578mm Up to 100 lb. (50kg)

ASTM Screen: from ASTM 5’’ (125mm) to ASTM No. 400 (38µm)

ISO Screens: from 125mm to 38µm

Round-hole Screens: ASTM 4’’ (101.6mm) to ASTM 1/8’’ (3.2mm)

  • Large sample size up to 50kg
  • Generous clear screen area
  • ASTM, ISO and round-hole screens