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Planetary Ball Mill Pulverisette 5

The Planetary Ball Mill Pulverisette 5 allows fast and very fine grinding of hard to soft material, dry or in suspension, down to colloidal fineness. It can also be used for mixing and homogenising of emulsions and pastes.
Grinding capacity of up to 8 samples per operation.


The Planetary Mill Pulverisette 5 allows rapid, batch grinding of hard to soft material, dry or in suspension, down to colloidal fineness. Maximum sample quantity: 900 ml.

It can also be used for mixing and perfect homogenising of emulsions and pastes. A vast choice of grinding vessels is available. Choose from 7 different materials, with different volumes. It is a robust Laboratory Mill with state-of-the art safety devices. The standard equipment delivered with the Planetary Mill Pulverisette 5 includes 4 bowl fasteners with the «safe lock» clamping system.

Grinding in an inert atmosphere

Special lid – Using a special lid for the grinding bowl, material can also be ground in an inert atmosphere.

This cover is fitted with an inlet and outlet valve with quick-action vent.

Additional lock-system – If the grinding bowl needs to be filled in a glove box, the additional lock-system must be used for the transport of the filled grinding bowl.

GTM System The Planetary Ball Mill Pulverisette 5 is compatible with the Gas and Pressure Temperature Measuring System – GTM. The gas pressure and temperature data are monitored and transmitted to a computer.

Application: geology, chemistry, mineralogy, ceramics industry, construction materials, metallurgy, electrical industry, glass industry, nuclear research, soil research.

Maximum feed size: 10 mm
Final fineness: down to <1 µm
Maximum capacity: 900 mL can accept 4 x 500 or 250 mL bowls / 4 to 8 x 80 mL stackable bowls (respective useful capacities 225, 125 and 30 mL)
Grinding materials: Agate, sintered corundum, silicon nitride, zirconium oxide, stainless steel, hardened steel, tungsten carbide
Dimensions (WxDxH): table top unit 58x67x57 cm (23x26x22’’)
Weight: 120 kg (265 lb.)

  • Certified safety (CE mark) – optional CSA approval for Canada
  • 2-year warranty

In the Pulverisette 5 Laboratory Planetary Mill, the sample is primarily crushed by the high impact energy of grinding balls, together with friction between the balls and the wall of the grinding bowl.

The grinding bowls with sample material and balls rotate around their own axis on a counter-rotating supporting disc. The centrifugal forces caused by the rotation of the grinding bowls and supporting discs work on the contents of the grinding bowls.

The force resulting from rotation of the grinding bowl when the mill is started causes the rotating balls to rub against the inside wall of the bowl thus crushing the material.

  • Constant transmission ratio
  • Rotational speed regulated by microprocessor
  • Heavy-duty construction, maintenance-free