Grinding and Pelletizing / Tabletting Aid XRF Binder

C10 & C20 High purity Grinding Aid and Pelletizing / Tabletting Binders for the preparation of XRF pressed pellets

Our grinding and pelletizing aids C-10 and C-20 are used for XRF Pressed Pellets preparation and can be used with any manual mill or with the Pfaff or Herzog® automatic Pulverizers or Ring & Puck Mills equipped with a tablet dispenser.

Because the weight of each individual tablets is constant, at 0.33g, no weighing operation is required, it is just a question of adding a constant number of tablets to each sample.

They work as a binder to insure the cohesion of pressed pellets, but also act as a grinding aid by minimizing the risk of sample sticking to the elements of the grinding vessel. This grinding aid action also reduces the need for cleaning the grinding elements. This is a great advantage versus the use of wax.

These products are high purity cellulose preparation, no ingredients are hazardous.

Physical characteristics of tablets


Diameter 10.0 mm
Thickness 5.6 mm
Weight 0.33 g

Datos analíticos (% masse)

Grade C-10 C-20
Carbon(C) 59.5% 43.0%
Hidrogen(H) 9.3% 6.5%
Nitrogen (N) 4.1% N/A
Oxygen (O) 26.4% 50.5%
Trace elements < 10 ppm < 1 ppm

Note: C-10, the total is < 100% due to analytical uncertainty

  • Constant weight, eliminate weighing operations
  • Can be used with automatic ring mills
  • Aid the grinding and cleaning