Laboratory Mini Mill Pulverisette 23

The Mini Ball Mill Pulverisette 23 is used for fine grinding of small quantities of dry samples or solids in suspensions, as well as mixing and homogenisation of emulsions.

The Mini Ball Mill Pulverisette 23 is ideal for the preparation of samples for chemical analysis, chromatography, mass spectrometry or X-ray structural analysis. The Mini Mill is suitable for preparing samples for genetic research, for homogenising of active ingredients, preparation of extracts in forensic analysis and milling of pigments or other precious materials. The Pulverisette 23 is also suited for the assessment of biological samples and for cryo-grinding of deep freeze or refrigerated soft samples.

Maximum feed size: 6 mm (1/4’’)
Final fineness: down to 5 µm
Maximum capacity: 5 ml
Grinding materials: Zirconium oxide, stainless steel, hardened steel, PTFE
Dimensions (WxDxH): 20x20x30 cm (8x8x12’’)
Weight: 7 kg (16 lbs.)

The rotation of a large, direct current motor is converted into a vertical oscillation movement via a lifting piston gear. Through oscillations of the grinding bowl of large amplitude and high frequency, size reduction occurs in the grinding bowls due to the collision and friction between the grinding balls and the grinding bowl’s inner wall.

  • Small grinding bowl volume < 5 ml
  • Small contact surface with grinding tools
  • Reproducible grinding duration and loading frequency