Ultrasonic cleaners & sonicator


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Laval Lab offers a comprehensive line of Ultrasonic Cleaners, from Laboratory Ultrasonic Baths to Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners.

Ultrasonic cleaning is a powerful technique to remove tough contaminants from parts immersed in aqueous media.

Diverse contaminants such as oil and grease, polishing media, lapping abrasives, dirt etc. can easily be cleaned without damaging the parts.


The Elmasonic Ultrasonic Cleaners use a special Sweep function that guarantees a homogeneous sound field distribution and greatly improves the efficiency of the cleaning process.

In laboratory use the Ultrasonic Cleaners are used to clean labware, to degas HPLC solvents and for mixing, dispersing and emulsifying.

Ultrasonic Cleaners Selection Guide

Economy Ultrasonic Cleaners Elmasonic Easy:Versatile_Ultrasonic_Cleaners-1038
– capacity from 0.8 to 28 litres (1/4 to 7.5 gallons)

Multi-frequency Ultrasonic Cleaners Elmasonic P:
– 37 kHz for intensive cleaning ‘ 80 kHz for gentle cleaning
– capacity from 2.75 to 28 litres (3/4 to 7.5 gallons)

Versatile Ultrasonic Cleaners Elmasonic S:
– capacity from 0.8 to 28 litres (1/4 to 7.5 gallons)
– with or without heating

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners Elmasonic X-tra ST:
– 25 kHz for coarse cleaning ‘ 45 kHz for intensive cleaning
– capacity 30 to 255 litres (8 to 67 gallons)

Heavy Duty Ultrasonic Cleaners Elmasonic X-tra TT
– 37 kHz with sweep function
– capacity from 4 to 18 litres (1 to 4.75 gallons)

Cleaning concentrates for ultrasonic cleaners

The Elma Tec Clean cleaning concentrates have been developed especially for use in the high-performance cleaning units.
Several cleaning agents, ranging from acidic to alkaline, are available depending on the nature of contaminant and part.
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Sonicator_ axial_ultrasonic probeHigh-intensity ultrasonic processor, suitable to various applications: homogenization, degassing, emulsification, DNA extraction, cell lysing, cell rupture, sample preparation, acceleration of chemical reactions.