Ro-Tap® Test Sieve Shakers

Ro-Tap® Sieve Shakers, developed by W.S. Tyler™, are specified for certain ASTM standards and are very well known in the North American industry.
The WS Tyler™ Company is also the North American leader for Analytical Test Sieves of all sizes.
The sieves are manufactured in compliance with ASTM E-11 and ISO 3310-1 standards.

The North-American industry standard in test sieve shakers, W.S. Tyler™ Ro-Tap® has a unique two-dimensional operation: a horizontal, circular motion and a vertical, tapping motion. The Ro-Tap® is the required test sieve shaker in many industrial specifications, according to ASTM Standards.

Ro-Tap® Sound Enclosure Cabinet: that is designed to be used exclusively with the Ro-Tap®Sieve Shaker, reduces operating noise levels from approximately 85 dB to 78 dB.

The cabinets are fabricated with 18 gauge steel and a 1″ metal-faced, acoustic foam inner liner.

Ro-Tap® Test Stand: can be used with or without the Sound Enclosure Cabinet.

Measuring range ASTM No. 635 (20µm) to ASTM 4’’
Sample quantity 10g to 5kg, depending upon sieves and mesh size
Analysis time 20 – 30 min.
Number of sieves (RX-29) 6 Full Height (2″) or 13 Half height (1″)
  • Oscillations per min.: 278 ± 10
  • Oscillation displacement: 1″ x 0.75″
  • Taps per min.: 150 ± 10
  • Hammer weight: 5 lb., 6 oz.
  • Sound Enclosure Cabinet
  • Test Stand
  • RX-29 for 8’’/200mm sieves
  • RX-30 for 12’’/305mm sieves
  • RX-94 for 2 stacks 8’’/200mm sieves
  • RX-812 coarse sieve shaker

Optional CSA approval available for Canada.

The design intent was to replicate and mechanize the hand motions required. The Ro-Tap® Sieve Shaker, with its rotating movement and tapping energy, provides consistent, repeatable sieving analysis results.

  • Complies with ASTM Standards
  • 4 different models for 8’’/200mm and 12’’/305mm sieves
  • Heavy-duty use