We offer Calibration Maintenance and Repair & Installation Training

Calibration, repair, commissioning

With its customer-oriented approach, Laval Lab has gradually built a reputation as a unique business resource within the instrumentation industry. Apart from the sales of a growing range of scientific products, the company also offers a wide variety of services:


We offer a service of calibration for the following product lines:

Test Sieves:

The W.S. Tyler™ Test Sieves can be certified according to ASTM E11-09 or ISO 3310-1 Standards.
The precision electroformed Test sieves are certified according to ASTM E11-161 or ISO 3310-3 Standards.

  • New and in-use Test Sieves
  • Openings measured with a Computerized Video Imaging System at ± 0.5µm
  • Examined to the current ATM or ISO Specifications
  • Inspection Grade or Calibration Grade
  • Products are serialized and supplied with NIST traceable documents, including statistical information on opening sizes and wire diameters

The recommended in-use sieve recertification schedule depends on the mesh size.

Aperture Schedule
ASTM 5’’ (125mm) to ¼’’ (6.3mm) 80 uses or 36 months
ASTM No. 3.5 (5.6mm) to No. 12 (1.70mm) 70 uses or 30 months
ASTM No. 14 (1.40mm) to No. 40 (425µm) 60 uses or 24 months
ASTM No. 45 (355µm) to No. 140 (106µm) 50 uses or 18 months
ASTM No. 170 (90µm) to No. 325 (45µm) 35 uses or 12 months
ASTM No. 400 (38µm) to No. 635 (20µm) 20 uses or 6 months


Repair and after-sale service:

We offer repair and after-sale service on all our laboratory equipment, during their entire life time.

Commissioning and training:

For laboratory equipment that requires a special expertise, we can provide commissioning and personnel training.

Laval Lab meets expressed needs in sectors as diversified as mining and metallurgy, the chemical industry, university research centres, the pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical industry, as well as the food, agricultural and environmental sectors.