Laval Lab is offering Enterprise-Level Quality Services.

With its customer-oriented approach, Laval Lab has gradually built a reputation as a unique business resource within the instrumentation industry. Apart from the sales of a growing range of scientific products, the company also offers a wide variety of services:

  • Calibration, Maintenance, and Repair;
  • Installation and Training;
  • Consulting Services (from needs analysis to testing and validation of the instruments for each application);
  • Project Management.

The Project Management service is appreciated more and more, especially for major industrial projects in sectors such as mining, metallurgy, and cement plants. Laval Lab’s specialists participate, from the beginning, in the preparation of the project in cooperation with other expert firms. Involved as such, the company’s specialists can use their full potential to find efficient and profitable solutions.

Plan Analysis, Equipment Validation, Consulting, Quotations, Order Preparation, Instrument Verification, Delivery, Installation, and Training are just a few of the numerous activities performed by the Project Management Team.

Laval Lab meets expressed needs in sectors as diversified as mining and metallurgy, the chemical industry, university research centres, the pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical industry, as well as the food, agricultural and environmental sectors.