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The EJ precision compact balances provide high performance at affordable prices.

Affordable and built-to-last, EJ Series balances are used in many applications including Industrial, Education and retail Pharmacy.

With thousands of balances in laboratories and production facilities around the world, the EJ Series has provided years of reliable weighing performance and is backed by A&D’s industry-leading 5 year warranty.

Now students, researchers and industrial users have a convenient and affordable way to make milligram measurements.

The EJ-123 has standard functions usually found in balances costing twice as much:

  • Gravity correction
  • GLP compliant output

EJ Series Compact Balances, including AC adapter.

Model Capacity Resolution Pan Size
EJ-123 120g 1mg Ø110mm (4.3’’)
EJ-120 120g 0.01g Ø110mm (4.3’’)
EJ-200 210g 0.01g Ø110mm (4.3’’)
EJ-300 310g 0.01g Ø110mm (4.3’’)
EJ-410 410g 0.01g Ø110mm (4.3’’)
EJ-610 610g 0.01g Ø110mm (4.3’’)
EJ-1500 1500g 0.1g 127 x 140mm (5 x 5.5’’)
EJ-2000 2100g 0.1g 127 x 140mm (5 x 5.5’’)
EJ-3000 3100g 0.1g 127 x 140mm (5 x 5.5’’)
EJ-4100 4100g 0.1g 127 x 140mm (5 x 5.5’’)
EJ-6100 6100g 0.1g 127 x 140mm (5 x 5.5’’)

5-year warranty

  • AC adapter or battery operation
  • Fast, 1 second, response time
  • Easy to read LCD display with backlight