Moisture Analyzers – Moisture Balances

The AND Moisture Analyzers allow fast determination of % moisture by gravimetric method.

MS-70 measures the moisture content at 0.001% resolution suitable for low moisture content samples as well as Karl Fischer method, yet requires no special knowledge or training and produces no harmful waste.

Comparison between MS-70 Moisture Balance and the Karl Fischer method (measure of moisture content through chemical determination).

Example of PET plastic pellet measurement (average of 5 measurements)

Method Moisture value Standard deviation Measuring time Conditions
MS-70 0.298% 0.0045% 6.8 min 180ºC/10g
Karl Fischer 0.307% 0.0065% 19.1 min 180ºC/5g

With PET and other materials, the MS-70 can measure a drop of moisture content of less than 1%. Specialist knowledge is not necessary to operate the MS-70, and since measurement occurs quickly, no harmful waste is produced.

Win CT Moisture Software

With the AND WinCT–Moisture software, data measured by the Moisture Analyzers can be easily displayed on your computer.

Effective for determining measurement conditions such as heating temperature, and useful in reducing the time needed for measurement, improving accuracy.


  • Displays changes in moisture rate in real time
  • Heats at the highest temperature without changing the physical properties of the sample
  • Automatically changes the heat applied by the set increments and interval time within a range of 30°C-200°C.
  • Provides a data summary for the sample

Optional temperature sensor calibration device available.

Model Capacity Resolution Moisture content Pan Size
MS-70 71g 0.1mg 0.001%/0.01%/0.1% Ø85mm
MX-50 51g 0.001g 0.01%/0.1% Ø85mm
MF-50 51g 0.002g 0.05%/0.1%/1% Ø85mm
ML-50 51g 0.005g 0.1%/1% Ø85mm

5-year warranty – CSA approval for Canada

The innovative heat chamber houses a 400 Watt Halogen heating lamp producing fast and accurate results aided by its uniquely designed SRA (Secondary Radiation Assist) filter, which serves to radiate heat uniformly, protect the lamp from splatter during testing and has a translucent glass window for monitoring progress.

The SRA filter is easy to clean ensuring optimum performance while the halogen lamp is user replaceable. This of course will save time and money and minimize down time and labor costs.

With SHS (Super Hybrid Sensor) featured as the weight sensor, ultra accurate moisture content determination is possible based on high precision weighing of even a small sample.

  • Fast and uniform heating with halogen lamp
  • Super Hybrid Sensor for ultra-accurate moisture determination
  • 5-year warranty