Digital Sieve Shaker Fritsch Analysette 3 SPARTAN

The Analysette 3 SPARTAN is a basic Digital Laboratory Sieve Shaker.
This Sieve Shaker can be used for all typical sieving tasks in the laboratory, with optical adjustment of the amplitude, while the instrument is running. Complete with a practical sieve stack tensioning system.

The Vibratory Sieve Shaker Analysette 3 SPARTAN is the ideal instrument for particle size analysis by the well-known tried and trusted method of sieving in Quality Control Laboratories. Particle size distribution of all kinds of solid samples and suspensions can be measured by dry and wet sieving. The sieving process can be carried out with any 8’’ or 200mm diameter woven analytical sieves.

The modular system of the Analysette 3 allows for easy conversion to Vibratory Micro Mill Pulverisette 0 for milling and homogenizing small amounts of sample material.

Measuring Range 20µm (ASTM No. 635) – 100mm (ASTM 4’’)
Maximum Sample Quantity 10 grams to 5kg depending upon sieve’s mesh size
Analysis Time 10 to 30 minutes, dry sieving 5 to 15 minutes, wet sieving
Number of Sieves 8 full-height sieves / 16 half-height sieves
Dry Sieving Accessories Plexiglas Sieving Head, Sieve pan
Wet Sieving Accessories Sieving Head with 2 rotating nozzles Interposed Sieving Ring with 3 nozzles Sieve Pan with outlet
Dimensions (WxDxH): 37x40x20cm (15x16x8’’)
Weight: 21 kg (46 lbs.)
  • CE mark – optional CSA approval for Canada
  • 2-year warranty

The Analysette 3 is a ”shaking sieve” system in the classic sense, with an electromagnetic drive in the base which vibrates the sieves vertically. The material to be sieved is propelled upwards periodically from the woven sieve cloth, as it returns to the mesh of the sieve it is forced through the apertures to the collecting pan located on the base.

The regulated vertical action ensures an even distribution of the material over the entire sieve mesh. As there are no centrifugal effects, all forces act directly in the separating process of the sieves, almost regardless of the level of acceleration.

  • Economical and heavy duty construction
  • Small footprint, quiet operation
  • No maintenance required