Jupiter Autoclave Bench-Top Bioreactors – Fermenters

These Bench-top Bioreactors – Fermenters represent the ideal solution for all necessities in the field of research, teaching and small scale production due to their flexibility and simplicity of use.

With the Jupiter Bench-Top Laboratory Bioreactors / Fermenters, the flexibility is guaranteed by a broad range of alternatives which give the client the opportunity to customize the fermenter according to his needs and requirements. Choose from 6 different volumes and ratio (diameter / height).

Jupiter Multi: a single unit is composed by a Master Control Station that includes a controller and 27” touchscreen monitor, capable of running one to twenty four bioreactors They are equipped with electric thermostating or hot water recirculation loop, for bacteria or cell cultures, different automation and process control grades, wide possibility of sensor installations.

  • Mettler Toledo technology and Hamilton
  • Temperature, RPM, Mass Flow Controllers, pH, Redox, dO2 with fully digital and low-impedance signal transmission, highest precision and reliability
  • Up to 5 Mass Flow controllers (Air, CO2, N2, O2 and Overlay). The highest reliability in gas mixing with the most economical price on the market.
  • Remote Control, 100% assistance from our office
  • 27″ touch PC: the largest on the market of bench top fermenters / bioreactors
  • 4 peristaltic pumps, all with RPM regulation and applications configurable from software
  • Brushless motors (direct assembly), from 1 to 2000 RPM, the strongest accuracy and power on the market
  • Redox measurement included in the entry model. Turbidity, CO2 measurement and load cells for weight control are optional, located in the master control station.

Compact design of the master control station, removable trays divided by area to facilitate service.

Jupiter Autoclave Bench Top Fermenter


Total volume L 2 3 4 6 8 10
Ratio D/H 1:2 1:2.5 1:3 1:2 1:2.5 1:3
Working volume 0.5-1.5 0.66-2.25 0.60-3.0 1.10-4.5 1.30-6.0 1.50-7.5
H mm autoclave 505 580 655 580 655 760
D mm autoclave 225 240 225 280 280 280
Station HxWxD mm 350x350x350


  • The best ratio Quality / Capability / Price on the market
  • Scada Software “Leonardo”, free with the system
  • Up to 24 vessels managed from one station