LAVAL LAB, with its strong customer-oriented approach, commands attention as a central resource for advice regarding appropriate scientific instruments. Beyond the availability and variety of products offered, what concerns its team members most is first being able to determine the nature of the client’s needs, and secondly, to understand their requirements, sometimes related to very specific scientific applications.

Listen, understand, advise: for the LAVAL LAB team this means:

  • Identifying needs;
  • Determining the client’s ultimate goal;
  • Proposing creative, durable solutions;
  • Providing guaranteed customer service;

That is the commitment of LAVAL LAB’s consultants

This Canadian company’s innovative approach ensures a prompt, effective, competent response, and that the client has the best equipment available on the market for their application.

Since its launch in 1982, LAVAL LAB has gained a sound reputation in the scientific instruments sector. Its reputation was established through quality of service, and that for the entire life cycle of the instrument. The company distinguished itself with its capacity to understand the client’s needs and the continuous improvement of the products and services offered to support the scientific community.

Any addition of new products is subject to rigorous criteria including quality of equipment, manufacturers’ capacity for innovation, and compliance with international standards. In keeping with this notion, reputed manufacturer’s in the world, renowned for their reliability and top-notch technological competency, have named LAVAL LAB as their preferred distributor in North America.

Today, LAVAL LAB, relying on their past experience, is developing new, complementary product lines to meet their clients’ needs in developing an integrated laboratory.