Heavy Duty Ultrasonic Cleaner Elmasonic X-tra TT

The Elmasonic X-tra TT heavy duty Ultrasonic Cleaner is available in 4 different tank volumes, from 3 to 18 litres (3/4 to 4.75 gallons), and has been designed for heavy-duty applications.

The Elmasonic X-tra TT heavy duty ultrasonic cleaners are built with a tank made from special cavitation-resistant stainless steel (3-year manufacturer warranty on the tank). Thermostatic heating power and settable limit temperature. The units are equipped with Sweep function for an even sound field distribution.

Model Volume Litre Volume Gallon Tank dimensions WxDxH mm Basket dimensions WxDxH mm Heating power Watts
X-tra TT 30H 3 3/4 240x130x100 216x106x48 200
X-tra TT 60H 6.5 1.7 300x150x150 276x126x76 400
X-tra TT 120H 14 3.7 300x240x200 271x214x136 800
X-tra TT 200H 18 4.75 320x280x200 291x254x130 1200
  • Ultrasound frequency 37 kHz
  • Drain valve 3/8’’
  • Power supply 115V or 220V
  • CE label

The transducer system changes electric energy into mechanical vibrations which are then transmitted through the stainless steel tank into the cleaning bath. Tiny micrometric vacuum bubbles are created which implode very fast: this process is called cavitation. It produces highly energetic jets which efficiently removes all dirt particles from any item immersed in the cleaning bath.

  • Tank made of special cavitation-resistant stainless steel
  • Sweep function for uniform ultrasonic distribution
  • Strong heating power for faster heat up time