Mortar Grinder Pulverisette 2

The Automatic Mortar Grinder Pulverisette 2 is ideal for universal grinding of medium-hard-brittle to soft-brittle materials (dry or in suspension) to analytical fineness, as well as for formulation and homogenisation of pastes and creams at laboratory scale.

The Mortar Grinder Pulverisette 2 is an essential instrument for the processing laboratory. It is suitable for fine grinding of inorganic and organic samples for analysis, quality control and material testing.

Areas of application include, for example, grinding dry samples and solid materials in suspension, or manufacturing and homogenising pastes and creams to laboratory standards.

Whenever reproducible grinding conditions, short grinding times, precise results, loss-free milling, and dust-free operation are required, the Pulverisette 2 is the perfect mill.

A final fineness of 10 – 20 μm can be achieved from a material feed size of 6 – 8 mm and feed quantity of 30 – 150 ml (dependent on material).

Applications: pharmacy, foodstuffs, chemistry, mining and metallurgy, geology and mineralogy, glass and ceramics industry, agriculture and forestry.

Maximum feed size: 8 mm (5/16’’)
Final fineness: down to 10-20 µm
Maximum capacity: 190 ml
Grinding materials: Agate, sintered corundum (aluminum oxide), hard porcelain, zirconium oxide, stainless steel, tempered steel, tungsten carbide
Dimensions (WxDxH): 31x46x41 cm (12x18x16’’)
Weight: 24 kg (53 lbs.)
  • Certified safety (CE mark) – optional CSA approval for Canada
  • 2-year warranty

Similar to a hand mortar, using pressure and friction, the pestle, with its large grinding surface, grinds the material against the walls and bottom of the mortar bowl. The mortar bowl is turned by a gear motor and drives the pestle with its freely rotating bearing through friction. It allows a uniform and gentle grinding through friction, mixing or homogenisation of organic and inorganic samples, with no thermal load – dry or in suspension.

  • Fast, uniform grinding
  • Fast and easy cleaning through simple removal of pestle and mortar bowl
  • 7 different materials for mortar and pestle