Products dedicated for Environmental Research

Acquisition of reliable scientific data, that is precise and realistic, is crucial in every step of environmental research. Laval Lab is an important partner in the environmental industry when choosing the right equipment that will help reduce your environmental footprint. We carry laboratory equipment for a diverse customer base.

For example:

  • Industries and municipalities determine zeta potential of water in water purification and wastewater treatment plants;
  • The mining industry has to incorporate environmentally responsible processes for reclamation of tailings ponds, water effluents, mine solids waste, etc.

Conscious of the importance of reliable scientific data that is used in research, Laval Lab has aligned with world-class manufacturers, recognized for the precision, reliability and quality of their laboratory equipment. We offer equipment for sample preparation in the laboratory as well as on-site sampling and testing instrumentation.

Our product line includes instruments for:

  • Analysis of the physicochemical properties of water,
  • Sample preparation of plants and soil
  • Zeta Potential analysis at water treatment plants and WWTP
  • Sample preparation for spectrometry analysis

We also offer a complete line of accessories and complementary products and services that might be required during the installation and production phases. Our representative offers technical support for the life of the instrument.

Laval Lab uses an integrated approach with our clients. We collect numerous criteria such as frequency of testing, degree of precision required, ease of use, durability, installation required and budget available. With their technical experience and product knowledge, our staff works closely with your engineering consultants and company personnel to offer made-to-measure solutions.

The Laval Lab representative is your resource for information during planning and purchasing, and their support continues during installation, training and after-sale service. Laval Lab works together with our clients to deliver quality solutions.

Why choose Laval Lab ?

Laval Lab is more than a distributor of scientific instrumentation and equipment. Customer oriented, Laval Lab is well-known for:

  • Their experienced and dedicated staff;
  • Its innovative and creative solutions that ensure optimal performance;
  • Its diverse instruments and scientific equipment from world renowned manufacturers;
  • The reliability of its after-sales service;
  • Their full technical support, including installation and training if necessary.