Products designed for Material Engineering

Laval Lab offers the Material Engineering Industry the unique combination of solid experience working with some of the largest research and development companies in the world, extensive knowledge of laboratory equipment required for material properties research, and technical support from our qualified representatives.

We supply laboratory equipment to the materials industry that facilitates research into the structure of engineering materials, their physical properties such as mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity; research to investigate mineral properties and nanotechnology. The equipment we offer ranges from pulverisers for mechanical alloying, sieve shakers and nano particle size analysers, zeta potential meters and tensiometers. At Laval Lab, our representatives know how to use our instruments and we offer technical support for the life of the instrument.

Our supplier base is extensive, comprising of manufacturers that set the standard in their domain, recognized for their quality, durability and simplicity of use. We also offer a complete range of accessories and complementary equipment and services that might be required.

Laval Lab understands the requirements and complexities in the material engineering industry. We work together with our clients in material engineering, to deliver innovative, quality solutions that facilitate their research into advanced materials, and new technologies that address the global issues of sustainability and energy. From the first contact, our qualified representatives work closely with your engineering consultants and company personnel to offer made-to-measure solutions.

Laval Lab, our representative is your resource for information during planning and purchasing, and their support continues during installation, training and after-sale service. Our attention to detail and expediting ensures timely delivery of your order.

Why choose Laval Lab ?

Scientists and industrialists in materials engineering can count on an inestimable resource in Laval Lab to improve the productivity and performance of their laboratory. With a single point of contact, they will appreciate:

  • The advice from our expert, and the technical support at each stage of the project;
  • The high level of technological skills;
  • Access to reliable and innovative equipment from renowned manufacturers;
  • The rigorous monitoring for the follow up of each application and training if any.