Calibration weights for Laboratory Balances

Laval Lab offers a comprehensive line of Calibration Weights and Calibration Mass Sets.
The Calibration Weights can be supplied with NIST/NAVLAP traceable Certificate of Calibration. We also offer re-certification of existing weights.

Different ASTM Class are available, depending on the accuracy of the balance to be calibrated.

ASTM Class 0 and Class 1 weights are recommended for Analytical Balances with 0.001mg to 0.1mg resolution.

ASTM Class 2 weights are recommended for Precision Balances with 1mg resolution.

ASTM Class 3 weights are recommended for Precision Balances with 0.01g resolution.

ASTM Class 4 weights are recommended for Laboratory Balances with 0.1mg resolution.

NIST Class F weights are recommended for production balances used in an industrial environment.

We offer calibration weights from 1mg to 1000kg and from 1/32 oz. to 3000 lb.
All shapes available:
  • Flat milligram weights (leaf weights) 1mg – 500mg
  • Highly polished or satin finish cylindrical weights
  • Grip handle weights (stainless steel or cast iron)
  • Slotted and hook weights