Microprocessor Digital Sieve Shaker Analysette 3 PRO

The Analysette 3 PRO is a Digital Sieve Shaker with automatic control of the amplitude of vibration with microprocessor. Compatible for integration into ISO 9001 Quality Management.

The Vibratory Sieve Shaker Analysette 3 PRO is the ideal instrument for quantitative particle size analysis according to the known and proven sieving method. The particle size distribution of solids and suspensions of all kinds can be measured through dry or wet sieving. The sieving can be performed with woven analytical sieves or micro-precision sieves.

Our top model Analysette 3 PRO with automatic amplitude control and program selection can be integrated as a testing instrument, into a testing instrument monitoring system according to ISO 9001, and used for monitoring of company’s internal quality standards. It is possible to calibrate and validate your Analysette 3 PRO as an inspection instrument (the inspection certificate 3.1 EN 10204 for instrument calibration, as well as the report on Installation and Operating Qualifications, IQ/OQ, can be provided as an option).

Measuring Range 20µm (ASTM No. 635) – 100mm (ASTM 4’’)
Maximum Sample Quantity 10 grams to 5kg depending upon sieve’s mesh size
Analysis Time 10 to 30 minutes, dry sieving 5 to 15 minutes, wet sieving
Number of Sieves 8 full-height sieves / 16 half-height sieves
Dry Sieving Accessories Plexiglas Sieving Head, Sieve pan
Wet Sieving Accessories Sieving Head with 2 rotating nozzles Interposed Sieving Ring with 3 nozzles Sieve Pan with outlet
Dimensions (WxDxH): 37x40x20cm (15x16x8’’)
Weight: 21 kg (46 lbs.)

CE label – optional CSA approval for Canada

2-year warranty

The Analysette 3 is a “shaking sieve” system in the classic sense in which an electromagnetic drive causes the sieves to oscillate in a vertical direction. The material to be sieved is periodically propelled upward off the sieve fabric and forced through the mesh of the attached test sieve as it falls back down.

  • Microprocessor and digital display of all functions
  • Automatic control of amplitude, reproducible sieving results
  • Dry and wet sieving