Particle Size Analyzers


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The analysis of Particle Size Distribution, or Grain Size Distribution,is a critical quality control for all manufacturing processes of powders, bulk solids, suspensions and other particulate products.

The Particle Size Distribution, i.e. the dimensions or the specific surface area of the particles, has a direct effect on physical and chemical properties: reactivity, bulk density, flowability, compactness, stability etc.

Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzers

Laser Diffraction is the dominant method used for Particle Size Distribution.

This method is fast and gives accurate and reproducible results.

The Laser Particle Sizers can be used with different dispersing systems, wet or dry, depending on the samples characteristics.

We offer a high-tech Particle Sizers:


Dynamic Image Analysis for Particle Shape and Particle Size Analysis

Image Analysis is the technique used for both Particle Shape and Particle Size Analysis.

The Analysette 28 Image Sizer is ideal for fast analysis of powders and bulk solids.

Analysette 28 Image Sizer, range 20 m to 20mm