Versatile Ultrasonic Cleaners Elmasonic S

The Elmasonic S ultrasonic units offer practically every available technical feature. Now the units from the new series increase the ultrasonic effect further to obtain even better results. Tank volumes from 0.8 to 90 litres.

The basis for nearly perfect cleaning processes with ultrasound is the Elma high-performance transducer system with 37 kHz.

The Sweep function, developed in the Elma laboratories, guarantees a homogeneous sound field distribution by way of continuous shifting of the sound field maxima.

The Degas function available on the new units accelerates very efficiently the degassing process in the cleaning liquid, particularly in freshly mixed baths. Autodegas is recommended before starting the cleaning process, Degas for special tasks.

ElmaQualityWe believe in the quality and durability of our products! If a material or manufacturing defect occurs within the first year from date of purchase, we offer to replace your device free of charge. Our guarantee ensures a fast, efficient handling of warranty cases.

Model Volume Litre Volume Gallon Tank dimensions WxDxH mm Basket dimensions WxDxH mm Heating power Watts
S10/H 0.8 ¼ 190x85x60 177x73x35 60
S15/H 1.75 ½ 151x137x100 112x103x55 60
S30/H 2.75 ¾ 240x137x100 198x106x55 200
S40/H 4.25 1 240x137x150 190x105x75 200
S60/H 5.75 1-1/2 300x151x150 255x115x80 400
S70/H 6.9 1-3/4 505x137x100 465x106x55 600
S80/H 9.4 2.4 505x137x150 455x106x75 600
S100/H 9.5 2-1/2 300x240x150 255x200x80 400
S120/H 12.75 3-1/2 300x240x200 250x190x120 800
S180/H 18 5 327x300x200 280x250x120 800
S300/H 28 7-1/2 505x300x200 455x250x120 1200
S450/H 45 11.9 500x300x300 455x270x194 1600
S900/H 90 23.8 600x500x300 545x450x250 2000
  • Ultrasound frequency 37 kHz
  • Drain valve 3/8’’ for models S30/H to S300/H, ½’’ S450/H & S900/H
  • Mains voltage available in 100-120 (except S450/H S900/H) or 220-240 VAC
  • CE label – CSA approval for Canada

The transducer system changes electric energy into mechanic vibrations which are then transmitted through the stainless steel tank into the cleaning bath. Tiny micrometric vacuum bubbles are created which implode very fast: this process is called cavitation. It produces highly energetic jets which remove efficiently all dirt particles from any item immersed in the cleaning bath.

  • Improved cleaning performance with Sweep technology
  • High-performance transducer system
  • Quick degasing with Degas function