Economy Ultrasonic Cleaners Elmasonic Easy

The Elmasonic Easy series of ultrasonic baths consists of 9 different unit sizes with tank volumes ranging from 0.8 to up to 28 litres. They are fitted with efficient 37 kHz ultrasonic power transducers of the latest generation.


The Elmasonic EASY series includes 9 units of different sizes and is characterized by simple, user-friendly operation. With 100 % ultrasonic power at a frequency of 37 kHz, the Pulse function and visual warning (when bath temperature reaches the set limit), the Elmasonic EASY solves typical cleaning tasks quickly and efficiently.

The function “Pulse” is suited to remove tenacious, mineral soiling and polishing pastes. The ultrasonic power is increased up to 20 %, so that any soiling will be removed easily and quickly.

The limit temperature can be adjusted according to individual requirements. When the set temperature limit is reached the unit gives out a visual warning that helps to prevent the coagulation of proteins and protects sensitive items from damage due to high temperatures.

Model Volume Litre Volume Gallon Tank dimensions WxDxH mm Basket dimensions WxDxH mm Heating power Watts
Easy 10H 0.8 ¼ 190x85x60 177x73x30 60
Easy 20H 1.75 ½ 151x137x100 112x103x50 120
Easy 30H 2.75 ¾ 240x137x100 198x106x50 200
Easy 40H 4.25 1 240x137x150 190x105x75 200
Easy 60H 5.75 1.5 300x151x150 255x115x75 400
Easy 100H 9.5 2-1/2 300x240x150 255x200x75 400
Easy 120H 12.75 3-1/2 300x240x200 250x190x115 800
Easy 180H 18 5 327x300x200 280x250x115 800
Easy 300H 28 7-1/2 505x300x200 455x250x115 1200


  • Ultrasound frequency 37 kHz
  • Drain valve 3/8’’ for models 60H to 300H
  • Mains voltage available in 100-120 or 220-240 VAC
  • CE label

The transducer system changes electric energy into mechanic vibrations which are then transmitted through the stainless steel tank into the cleaning bath. Tiny micrometric vacuum bubbles are created which implode very fast: this process is called cavitation. It produces highly energetic jets which remove efficiently all dirt particles from any item immersed in the cleaning bath.

  • Top cleaning results with Pulse & Sweep functions
  • Limit temperature & safety shutdown
  • Registered as medical device Class I