Software for automatic Particle Size Analysis AutoSieve

The AutoSieve software allows professional automatic evaluation of Particle Size Analysis by the sieving method, with database management.

The AutoSieve Software for Windows™ is designed for a professional evaluation of Particle Size Analysis by the sieving method. Recording and management of sieve tare weights, monitoring of the Sieve Shaker (Analysette 3 PRO) and laboratory balance, automatic computation of Particle Size Distribution from the sieved fractions, in conformity with pre-determined SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), are basic functions incorporated in the software.

The AutoSieve can be used wherever Particle Size Distribution is measured by the sieving method. The main advantage of the AutoSieve is in monitoring production and quality assurance, in accordance with ISO standards, where it provides high quality documentation for validation purposes. This software is extremely user friendly with intuitive functionalities.

The AutoSieve Software is suitable for Windows™ 7, XP and Vista.

It requires a laboratory balance with a resolution of 0.01g and a RS-232/USB port. Ideally the balance would have a weighing pan large enough to hold the sieves, so there is no need to transfer the each fraction into a smaller container.

For instance, we offer the GF-8K or GF-8K2 Laboratory Balances with a weighing pan of 10.6×8.3’’ (270x210mm), suitable for 8’’ or 200mm diameter Test Sieves.



Simply connect your laboratory balance to your computer (RS-232 or USB port required).

Store the weight of your empty sieves or sieve stack (once).

Sieve your sample and weight the sieves. The software will automatically compute the Particle Size Distribution.

The software automatically computes the Particle Size Distribution according to your requirements. Data management according to user defined Standard Operating Procedure.

  • Automatic weighing of sieve fractions and computation of Particle Size Analysis
  • Compatible with any balance equipped with an RS-232/USB port
  • Extended possibilities for presentation of Particle Size Distribution