Our team valuable know-how:

LAVAL LAB has distinguished itself through the quality of its customer-service approach. It was established, and continues to build, on the following values:

A global overview of the industry, a staff that is highly qualified and dedicated, an efficient and reliable organization.

With more than twenty years of experience in management and worldwide development (manufacturing and distribution), Andr Labrecque jr., MBA, CPA-CGA, is the Managing Partner of LAVAL LAB. Dynamic, he is constantly on the lookout for new products and technologies, thereby preparing for clients future needs before they emerge.

This open attitude is demonstrated in the way he encourages his staff to continuously update their training. He favours the sharing of knowledge and invites employees to participate in changing procedures that will improve customer service.

Apart from their technical expertise and product knowledge, LAVAL LAB’s specialists have a sound educational background. Olivier Palun, Sales Manager, has a Bachelors Degree in Analytical Chemistry. He has more than 25 years of experience in laboratory management and in scientific equipment sales. Guillaume Lefebvre has a Bachelors Degree in Biochemistry and more than 10 years experience in Physiology and in scientific equipment sales. Martha Garcia has a doctorate in Chemistry with more than 25 years of experience managing laboratories in the private sector.

Their expertise in sample preparation, particle size analysis, zeta potential, and spectroscopy as well as the biotechnology and environmental sectors, permits them to competently fulfil their role of consultant.

The sales department is supported by a strong team of people from various units such as: shipping and receiving, customer relations and technical after sales support.

The scientific and technical know-how of our personnel contributes to providing sound information, regardless of the sector’s complexity, whether in mining and metallurgy, cement plants, the chemical industry, a research laboratory, the environmental sector, or the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

This Canadian company’s innovative approach ensures a prompt, effective, competent response, and that the client has the best equipment available on the market for their application.