Drop and Bubble Micromanipulator DBMM-1 for PAT-1 Tensiometer

The Drop and Bubble Micromanipulator is designed for the study of direct interaction between drops or bubbles.


The Drop and Bubble Micromanipulator is a special instrument dedicated to the study of the direct interaction between droplets or bubbles. Systems like emulsions or foams or foamed emulsions consist of ensembles of drops or bubbles or mixed drops and bubbles. The direct interaction of these entities yields information on the stability of the liquid dispersement systems. It allows the measurement of the coalescence time.

Application : studies on emulsions

  • surface and interfacial tension of liquids (also of iso-dense systems)
  • coalescence of drop-drop, bubble-bubble, and drop-bubble systems
  • dynamic interfacial tensions in the short time range (0.01 – 100s)
  • different needles allow formation of drops or bubble on a scale between 50 µm and 1 mm or more
  • drops or bubbles can be manipulated by a very fine piezo dosing system

The drop and bubble micro manipulator DBMM-1 fits as an accessory into the profile analysis tensiometer PAT-1. The instrument gives access to the capillary pressure inside the individual drops and bubbles. It is used to manipulate the size of the two entities and to move the entities against each other to bring them into interaction.