Foam stability and lifetime Analyzer FA-1S

The Foam Analyzer FA-1S for the study of foam drainage and foam stability under strictly defined conditions.


This is the only instrument for foam analysis based on the pressure drop technique developed by Kruglyakov, Exerowa and Khristov. The important feature is that due to the applied partial vacuum, the foam in the measuring cells is essentially homogeneous over the whole foam column. In contrast to other measurement procedures, this is the prerequisite for a comparison with characteristic data obtained for free foam films studied under exactly the same conditions (pressure, temperature).

Measurements Foam stability (life time) & drainage
Reduced pressure 0 to 105 Pa
Dimensions LxWxH 34x34x40cm (14x14x16’’)
Weight 5Kg (11 lb.)

  • Automatic cleaning process
  • Constant foam generation
  • Fully automatic experiments