Oscillating Drop and Bubble Analyzer ODBA-1 for PAT-1 Tensiometer

Oscillating Drop and Bubble Analyzer for dilational elasticity and viscosity determination


The Oscillating Drop Bubble Analyzer is designed as an additional module for the Drop Bubble Shape Analyzer PAT-1, using the video image acquisition for the determination of the drop size. If drops have a spherical shape (very small and/or low density), the measurement of the pressure P together with the radius of curvature r yields the interfacial tension.

For measurements of interfacial tensions between a liquid and a fluid, the density difference is needed. Calibration against the external and hydrostatic pressure is needed.

For drop/bubble oscillation experiments only pressure changes have to be measured along with the phase shift to the generated area oscillation.

  • drop oscillation at frequencies from 1 to 100 Hz to determine the dilational elasticity and viscosity of interfacial layers
  • measurement of interfacial tension between two liquids of same density
  • dynamic interfacial tensions for adsorption times between 50 ms and hours