ZetaCAD Electrokinetic Analyzer for the determination of Zeta Potential by measuring the Streaming Potential and Streaming Current of solids

Streaming Potential and Streaming Current are two methods used to measure the electro-kinetic potential, or Zeta Potential, in the double electrochemical layers based on the relative movement of an electrolyte solution over a solid surface (solid / liquid interface).


The ZetaCAD Streaming Potential / Streaming Current is suitable to measure the Zeta Potential of fibers, fabrics, coarse particles over 50µm, solid surfaces, standard filtration membranes or hollow fibers filtration membranes.

High temperature streaming potential / streaming current version available.

The instrument is controlled via a PC, the software is user friendly and simple of use.

The equilibrium of the system is quickly reached, thanks to the use of a generous 1L volume of electrolyte.

Applications : semiconductors, wafers, polymers, filtration membranes, biopolymers, minerals, composite materials

Streaming potential -2400 to + 2400 mV
Streaming current -240 to +240 µA
Differential pressure -500 to + 500 mbar
Conductivity 0 to 20 mS/cm
Temperature ambient to 40ºC or 80ºC
Dimensions WxDxH 60x60x60 cm (24x24x24’’)
Weight 40 kg (88 lb.)

Three different set-ups are possible:

  • coarse particles, granular samples, fibers and fabrics : the sample is inserted into a cylindrical measuring cell (porous plug streaming potential technique)
  • flat surfaces : two identical rectangular pieces of solid sample are used to form a slit channel of a defined gap (tangential streaming potential technique)
  • filtration membranes: the electrolyte pass through the membrane (transmembrane streaming potential technique)

An electrolyte solution is forced to pass through the porous plug, through the slit channel or through the membrane, at different pressures, using nitrogen or compressed air. Excess charges are carried along the by the liquid, their accumulation causes the build-up of an electric field.

The Streaming Potentials (or alternatively the Streaming Currents), are measured at different pressures, and used to calculate the Zeta Potential.

  • Reliable and simple to setup
  • Fully automatic measurement and rinsing
  • Equilibrium of the system is quickly reached